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[FreeBSD] 7kaa

[FreeBSD] 7kaa

FreeBSD 7kaa
FreeBSD 7kaa

The Seven Kingdoms Fan-site is the gathering place for fans of any of the Seven Kingdoms Series computer games by Enlight Software. Here you can share details of the games and find opponents. This is also home of the community supported open source releases. You may find GPL versions of 7KAA and patches for 7K2 to improve on the longevity of this great series.

This is a GPL release of the Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries thanks to Enlight Software which granted the ability to license the game under a free and open source license in 2009. See the file "COPYING" for the details of the license. We are indebted to Enlight for making the 7kfans project possible and giving a new chance to build a community for fans of the game.


Insall 7kaa to FreeBSD:

pkg install 7kaa





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