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Submit Games to

Contact Me

This is a personal project, I could not write pages for every games. If you want a game to be listed at, please contact me:

Email: fasxmut at^at protonmail dot^dot com

Matrix Room:

Contain Essential Information

  • Game Name
  • Game Description
  • Game Homepage
  • How to Install on FreeBSD (if that game has special configurations). And the game must have a binary (freebsd native build) download.

Test the Game

I will install the game you submit to me by my hands and play it to verify if it is playable or not.

Accept Game Type

  • Only video games are accepted, both 2D and 3D are OK.
  • Text console games are refused.

Game Resource

  • The game is already in FreeBSD ports but has no page at, tell me I will create a page for that game.
  • The game is not in FreeBSD ports:
    • You must send me the binary (freebsd native build) download link of the game.
    • The download resource must be persistent for long-term.
    • I will put a link to the game homepage.
    • Wine emulator or linux emulator games will be refused.
    • Build on newer freebsd release, I am not an archaeologist.


I will add a link to your game homepage.

I am appreciated if you add a link to, but this is not required.

Submiting a game to does not mean the game will be ported to freebsd ports tree. is a standalone project, which has no any relationship with official FreeBSD project.





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