Fossil Repositories

FilenameProject NameLast Modified
fx-irrmesh-sample-pack.fossil fx-irrmesh-sample-pack | .irrmesh sample pack by Fas Xmut 1.38 years
fxcmdutils.fossil fxcmdutils - Some cmd utils for FreeBSD 3.0 days
irrlicht/irrlicht-gles.fossil Irrlicht Engine OpenGL ES Branch 28.8 days
irrlicht/irrlicht-master.fossil Irrlicht Engine Fossil Source 27.9 days
libspartan.fossil libspartan - SpartanCoin Application Interface 1.62 years
pest.fossil Pest Engine 7.3 days
sndio/sndio.fossil sndio 25.7 days
soloud/soloud.fossil Soloud Fossil Source 28.8 days
spartancoin.fossil SpartanCoin Project - Fossil Code Repository 18.9 days
utecpp.fossil utecpp - Easy to Use C++ Advanced Extension Utils Library 21.0 days
utxcpp.fossil utxcpp - Some utils that make c++ simple things be simple 6.0 days
worm-mesh-viewer.fossil Worm Mesh Viewer 20.0 days